Update on Ulteig’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 20, 2020

As we all continue to contend with the global COVID-19 pandemic, Ulteig has been actively managing our response to keep our employee-owners and clients healthy and safe while maintaining our standards of excellence and commitment to our clients’ success. Ulteig team members have been working from home since March – our transition was relatively seamless since we had made investments prior to the pandemic in information technology infrastructure that allowed for flexibility in our work arrangements. When travel is required to client sites, we ensure that Ulteig employees are following health, safety and travel protocols established by federal and state regulatory agencies as well as those of our clients.

Rest assured, the fundamentals remain solid at Ulteig thanks to a strong culture and committed employees. A review of recent performance metrics and employee surveys indicates that we have maintained strong engagement and productivity while working from home. Team members have the resources and technology they need to be effective and efficient.

Our COVID-19 Task Force has been monitoring local and national infection rates to help determine a safe timeframe for us to return to our offices. With current trends and the ongoing challenges controlling the spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to continue to work from home at least through the end of the year unless conditions improve substantially.

Our confidence level is high that our work-from-home arrangement is not compromising our ability to deliver on our commitments to clients. On the contrary, we remain close to our clients and continue to execute on the fundamental elements of our strategic plan, having successfully grown our business since the onset of the pandemic, offering more services and broader solutions to more clients.

We are also aware that the pandemic has changed the fundamentals of the working environment and we are planning for this new, evolved future. Knowing that more of our team members will be working from home more often, we are reimagining our physical facilities to support even more flexibility, while maintaining the critical elements of collaboration, innovation and teamwork.

We remain confident that we are appropriately balancing safety with meeting client needs and will continue to do so. We appreciate the trust our clients put in us and we are grateful for the partnerships that help us all to better manage in this challenging environment.

Doug Jaeger
Ulteig President and CEO

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